Suspended to the mountain, suspended in time.

Nestling in the heart of the historic village of Ria-Sirach, in the Eastern Pyrenees region, El capoll d'Arria is an old family house built onto the mountainside. In the most ancient part, at the back of the living room, you will find a tunnel drilled in the rock in the middle ages. It used to allow the inhabitants to escape from assailants by going to the castle that was built to protect and secure the access to the Têt Valley. This cottage of 4 beds is a result of Julien's will to bring life back to his grandmother's home in which he spent his childhood holidays. Beautifully rebuilt, in between ancient history and modernity, surprising and homely, the cottage is 120 square metres and offers a high level of comfort, perfect for a peaceful stay with the family or with friends. The outside wellness has a breathtaking view on Mount Canigou which enhance its relaxation and wellness benefits. Ten minutes away from the village shops, halfway between the sea and the mountain, El capoll d'Arria promises a charming change of scenery in the Conflent area.


We wish you a nice visit and we would be extremely happy to welcome you to El capoll d'Arria for a weekend, a few days or memorable holidays.


Julien & Jérémie

New !

Lovers of movies and TV series, El Capoll d'Arria is now subscribed to Netflix, for your pleasure. You’ll just have to enjoy it on the giant screen !